Alumni Spotlight: Greg Dugas '78

Alumni Spotlight: Greg Dugas '78

Name: Greg Dugas
Hometown: Gorham, ME
Maine Soccer State Champions 1970, 1971 and 1972
New England Soccer champions 1972
Years attended UMF: 1973-1978
Current Residence: South Portland, ME 

Greg Dugas was a forward for the UMF Men's soccer team from the years of 1973 – 1978. During his four years playing under Coach Roy Gordon, Dugas accumulated 49 goals and 39 assists, tallying the second highest career points total in the history of UMF soccer. He was also a two year captain and was inducted into the UMF athletics hall-of-fame in 1995. After a successful playing career, Dugas went on to become a referee at the National and collegiate level. He is now a Facilities Technician at OA Centers for Orthopedics.

Why did you choose to attend UMF?

Roy Gordon and Tony McLaughlin visited Gorham HS where I met with them. My visit to UMF came a little time later and I really liked the proximity of the campus to the town. I met a couple of players including Gary Clark. He was the schools leading scorer, at the time, and he let me know it! It was an hour and forty minute drive from home, just far enough! The opportunity to start as a freshman was also a big factor.

What are your greatest memories at UMF?

The teams I played on. I am very proud that those teams started the very long run of winning seasons for UMF. I am also proud that my son, Patrick, played on 3 of those teams before enlisting and going to war in Iraq. I will never forget the friendships forged at UMF with Lindsey Dean, Bobby Wiles, Larry Frank, Jim Mandeville and countless others that were not soccer players. There was so much camaraderie between the students at UMF and everyone was always friendly. As a referee I always enjoyed interacting with the students that helped "put on" the games. They were always interested in how classes were back in the day. Lastly, but probably most importantly, I met my wife, Maureen, at UMF and we will be celebrating our 35th anniversary this summer.

How has the University of Maine at Farmington helped you in your life after college?

Roy Gordon had a huge effect on my life, more than my own father at that time. It was a privilege to play for him and to know him outside of the game. At my Hall of Fame induction it was my honor to be introduced by him. I told the crowd then he was a great man and still is.  I saw him and his wife Terry this summer and wish I could have stayed longer. UMF instilled confidence in me that allowed me to work as a referee at the National level, including referee camps all over the East Coast, Texas, Wisconsin, Montana and also teaching fitness. It allowed me to become a National Referee, National Clinician and a Regional Assessor. For a while I was the Region 1 Representative, representing all the collegiate referees in New England. 

What advice do you have for the current UMF Men's Soccer players?

Stay involved somehow - coaching, become a referee. As I approach 60 and after 52 years of the game of soccer, I am slowing down and retiring from refereeing college games. I will continue to referee at the high school level. I will stay involved at that level and do whatever I can with my experience to help younger officials achieve their goals.