Alumni Spotlight: Todd Chamberlain '02

Alumni Spotlight: Todd Chamberlain '02

Name: Todd Chamberlain

Hometown: Auburn, Maine 

Years attended UMF: 1998-2002

Position: Center midfield 

Current Location: Cumberland Foreside, Maine

Current Job: Senior IT staffing specialist at Pro Search, Inc.


You created BASSA which has helped fundraise for UMF athletics. Can you tell us more about the upcoming golf tournament?

BASSA (or Beaver Alum Supporting Student Athletes) is hosting our 2nd Annual "Beaver Golf Classic" coming up on June 1st at Martindale in Auburn, ME. The net proceeds of the golf tournament will ensure UMF student-athletes are given the support they need to achieve excellence in training, education and competition. Funds will be allocated for a variety of athletic program needs that support quality experience and holistic development of students through intercollegiate athletics.

The event is $100 per person and includes: golf, cart, food & prizes. For more information you can visit (the site will be going through updates for this year's event) or visit us on Facebook. It's a really good time for a great cause!

Why did you choose to attend UMF?

I made the decision to leave Maine after high school and was recruited to play at Keene State. When I made the decision that Keene wasn't the school where I'd finish my college career, I gave Coach Leib a call. I remembered him from my junior year of high school, when I was pulled out of my geometry class one day, and asked to go to the guidance counselor's office.  At the time I didn't know what for and thought to myself, "great…what'd I do now?" As I walked into the guidance counselor's room there he stood; a man that closely resembled Jack Nicholson turned to me and said, "Do you know who I am?" I'll never forget it as long as I live. He proceeded to tell me about his successful coaching career at UMF, his championship titles, both regional and national and also talked about the talent he had on his team and how he thought I'd fit into that picture. First impressions are everything and he made a lasting one. So I guess the long answer to your question is, Coach Leib.


What are your greatest memories at UMF?

My greatest memories at UMF will always be the days on the field with my teammates.  Whether it be practice, games or playing in the off season every chance we could. The sense of camaraderie between our teammates was paramount to our success. We learned a lot from Coach Leib and a lot from each other. We won games together, lost games together, won & lost championships together and no matter the outcome, we could always look each other in the eye after the game and know that each and every one of us gave it our all.  There was a mutual respect for one another, our coach, and genuine love of the game.


How has the University of Maine Farmington helped you in your life after college?

I've taken many of the lessons learned from Coach Leib and my teammates with me into the business world. I work just as hard today in the office as I did on the field, and have the same kind of respect for my colleagues at Pro Search, Inc. as I do my UMF teammates. I continue to be driven by the need to leave it all on the "field" and strive to be my best for not only myself, but my co-workers as well. To Coach Leib and all of my UMF teammates: you've all played an important role in shaping who I am today, it led to my success both then and now – Thank you!


What advice do you have for the current UMF Men's Soccer players?

Take nothing for granted and play each game as if it were your last. My playing days are over after 3 knee surgeries and back surgery. After my last knee operation, my surgeon told me that I should take up golf since I would no longer be able to play soccer.  Once the emotions of anger and sadness wore off I was actually ok with it.  I knew that when I did play, I played my heart out and left everything I had on the field each and every time. I felt extremely appreciative of the fact that I had the college soccer career that I did.  Most high school athletes dream of playing at the collegiate level and winning championships, and I can proudly say that I did that. The last piece of advice I would share, is to have the courage to challenge each other to grow and hold each other accountable.  Push your teammates to be better, faster, stronger,  and smarter - it will pay off. Inspire greatness in one another both on and off the field.


* More information about this year's Beaver Golf Classic can be found at   The golf tournament will take place at Martindale Country Club on June 1, 2014. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting UMF Athletics.