Alumni Spotlight: Megan (Woodcock) Croteau '03

Alumni Spotlight: Megan (Woodcock) Croteau '03

Name: Megan (Woodcock) Croteau

Hometown: Farmington, Maine

Years attended UMF: 1999-2003

Position: Center Midfield

Current Location:  Gorham, Maine

Current job:  Registered Nurse at Maine Medical Center

Why did you choose to attend UMF? Growing up in Farmington, I knew about the reputation of UMF and wanted to be a teacher.  It was the best bang for my buck!

What are your greatest memories at UMF?

I have fabulous memories, both from the classroom, and the soccer field. I made great lifelong friends from UMF and met amazing professors that I am still in touch with today! I think my greatest memory is winning the regional tournament during my senior year and playing in St. Louis with my teammates. It was a trip I will never forget.

How has the University of Maine at Farmington helped you in your life after college?

There are many times both as a professional and as a parent; I use what I learned at UMF. Teaching my patients is a very important part of my job and the various skills I learned

about being the best educator while at UMF has come in handy. The small class sizes at UMF helped give each of us the best education we could get because our voices were heard and our questions were always answered. I have made sure to teach and listen to my patients and children as I learned how important it is from my time at UMF. 

What advice would you give to our current team/student-athletes?

Everyone always told me when I was in college to "enjoy every moment" and I couldn't emphasize that more for the current student/athletes. My four years at UMF went by so fast and I would give anything to have one more game or one more chance to be with my teammates again.

Cherish those moments, value those friendships because it gets harder as we get older with families to stay in touch. Enjoy it all!

Note: Megan (Woodcock) Croteau was a two-sport athlete at UMF and a four-year member of the women's basketball team.